Have your website listed


Here on this page you will find a listing of the companies who are specialized in offering professional Marketing services.

You will also find some useful background information when you want choose for doing your own marketing.

By preparing yourself to (re-)defining a strategical and well worked out marketing plan your chances are much higher to be successful with your online activities.

Before you will have your online websites ready, you need to know exactly how to get the attention of your target groups.


Know your marketing strategy inside out

The 1st step is to research trends about your target groups and available competition on the Internet. What is the comparison between their pricing and product/service.

In other words what do their customers pay and what do they get in return and what is their update frequency.

Another important area to research is to see how your competitors are listed and represented on the Internet.

It’s important to find out what are their traffic statistics, used affiliate tools, social media site usage and what do they use to generate traffic and where do they advertise or do their media buying.

With all this information you can start composing a marketing plan for your online business activities.

You could also start to request for price quotations to determine the length of your advertisement campaigns and forecast a related marketing budget.

When you have a large working budget you can also decide to outsource and contract a real marketing specialist to help you to bring your product on the market.

The most important marketing element for when you run websites with a paid member subscription structure is to integrate an enable an Affiliate/Webmaster program.

Your affiliate/webmaster program requires an attractive rewarding structure, effective toolkit, up-to-date usable content and a functional statistics area.

With these features and an on-time payout policy adult webmasters have an extra platform to monetize their valuable traffic into money by promoting your website(s).