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Here you will find a listing of companies offering secure and reliable billing and payment solutions for your Internet projects.

Most of the billing providers offers easy to integrate APIs so you can embed payment methods for your customers.

We recommend that you will integrate as many payment methods as possible (cascading billing) so you will never loose a customer who can’t pay for your services.

These billing providers offer a diversity of scalable, secure and reliable billing methods.


Payment methods

There is a wide range of different payment methods which you can integrate and offer to your consumers.

We recommend you to integrate as many payment methods as possible to offer your consumers their preferred payment method.

Having your own credit card merchant accounts can be the most desirable solution if you are able to do your own customer support and credit card fraud monitoring.

The benefit about billing over your own merchant accounts is that you will get the maximum payout over your generated transactions.

You only need to be careful that you will not have a big charge back percentage in order to keep your merchant accounts.

You can also choose to use an authorized IPSP Internet Payment Service Provider who offer 3rd party credit card billing solutions.

The advantage is that the Billing provider will take care of the customer service and most of the charge backs are guaranteed.

The disadvantage is that you will pay higher transaction fees and mostly the IPSP reserves a part from the transactions which will be paid later.

The best way to increase your range of payment methods for your customers is to integrate so-called “Regional billing methods” or “offline billing methods”.

Certain countries have for example their own electronic banking system which can easily be integrated in your online business activities.

This way you can offer you customers their own known local payment methods.

Additional there are also Billing Providers offering specialized “Pay-per-phone” and “Pay-per-sms” payment methods which are extremely handy for micro payments or e/wallet solutions.